Honda is teasing something on their Japanese YouTube called the New Type or New Type E and a lot of people think it’s the world début of the Clarity PHEV.

Earlier this week, Honda released (5) thirty-second YouTube ads teasing something they’re calling the “New Type” or “New Type E” with each video filmed at a different and recognizable place. Commenters in the video and on at least one message board think this will be the world début of the Honda Clarity PHEV. Check out ALL of the videos listed below!

The five locations include the countries China, the UK, France, Russia, and the United States which is pretty much most of the burgeoning economies that can support this new Type.

According to some of my favorite rumor mongers whose information is tinged with a bit of fact over at Temple of VTEC, this will be the world début of the 2019 Honda Clarity PHEV which is Honda’s plug-in variant of its “jack of all trades” vehicle.

Honda Clarity
2018 Honda Clarity

If this is true, it would make a lot of sense seeing how the second generation Hydrogen Clarity went through the wringer in its home market of California before Honda decided to unveil two more variants, a hybrid, and fully electric Clarity.

In the video description, Honda asks,

Can we make the world better now?

Yes, yes you can Honda. I can only assume that thanks to the new dual-powered Honda Clarity, we can save the world with cars powered by both renewable energies and regular fossil fuels! (sarcasm)

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The 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid, although not class-leading, is decent for what it is. Powered by a 1.5L gas engine with 103 HP and 99 lb-ft and aided by an AC motor with juice from a 17 kWh battery putting out 181 HP and 232 lb-ft, the Clarity has a combined 212 HP and 232 lb-ft.

In the United States, prices start out at $33,400 before incentives. Count ourselves lucky as a few commenters on TOV think the Clarity will cost an arm and a leg at around $55,000 when it drops in Europe.

Sales in the United States for the Clarity in 2018 have been lackluster at best with just 7810 units sold so far.  Surprisingly, the similarly priced Volt is selling just as well at 7,813 units.

Conceived as a Hydrogen powered car and now doing double duty as a PHEV and EV, my guess is Honda is squeezing as much money as they can from the Clarity and its polarizing design.

I’ll be curious to see how well this car sells outside of the United States.

Then again, this “New Type” might be something else entirely. We’ll find out in two days.


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