If you own a Toyota Mirai and can’t refuel your Mirai thanks to the Hydrogen shortage, Toyota will compensate you for a rental.

Earlier today I reported on how Southern California is experiencing its own micro energy crisis due to Hydrogen supplies being nonexistent at stations. And according to one curious Honda Clarity owner on the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Owners Group on Facebook, it looks like Toyota is willing to work with you on getting a free rental if you can’t find fuel. Check out this sign they spotted below.

Mirai refuel
Toyota handing out free rentals to Mirai owners who can’t find Hydrogen

I called that 1-800 number listed, which is Toyota of North America’s help line, and right off the bat the first option was for Toyota Mirai owners which leads me to believe they’ve got several calls a day about this issue.

After pressing “8” for “Toyota Mirai” I was forwarded to Roadside Assistance. Presumably, that means if you’re stuck on the side of the road in your Mirai because you ran out of H2, they’ll send a flatbed to pick you up.

I did ask about free rentals for stranded Toyota Mirai owners who can’t find Hydrogen and the Toyota rep assured me Toyota dealerships would help Toyota Mirai owners in getting a rental ASAP.

So, if you’re a Toyota Mirai owner in Southern California OR own a Toyota Mirai in general, know that if you can’t reasonably find Hydrogen within your remaining range, call 1-800-331-4331 and Toyota will hook you up with a rental.

And if you’re a Honda Clarity Fuel cell owner, if you already didn’t know, you have three years for unlimited miles of free roadside assistance. Call 1-866-864-5211 for details on that. Surely, Honda will hook you up with a rental soon.

At the moment, several OC and SoCal Hydrogen refueling stations are down with a handful ready to refuel you.  As of midnight today Costa Mesa’s station has 26 kg remaining for H70 and 35 KG remaining for H35 so theoretically five cars could refill to full and seven cars could refill to halfway before that station’s empty.

Can you imagine if Hydrogen cars were even more popular?


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