This poor fellow is cashing in on the NSX hype train but I’m afraid this low mileage NSX might be a complete turn-off for buyers. Here’s why.

This 1991 Acura NSX only has 1,733 miles on it and it’s being sold by Scottsdale Sport of San Francisco for $250,000. While this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is honestly the absolute best time to sell your first gen Acura NSX, here’s why this particular ad is the saddest NSX ad I’ve ever come across.


If you didn’t already know, first gen NSX’s are hot now. With the second generation NSX on sale for the better part of three years now and with millennials brimming with cash (but not too much cash where they can finance a $156,000 second gen NSX) demand for first gens is through the roof.

But, with the first gen NSX being a driver’s car, first and foremost, it’s hard to find a low-mileage one in pristine condition if that’s your thing. With simple V6 engines, an interior reminiscent of Honda Accord’s of the time, and aftermarket support for both new-old stock, OEM parts, upgrades, and oh…NSX’s being Honda’s, compromises with mileage are made.

That’s what makes this NSX ad super sad. The seller honestly thinks he can grab close to a quarter of a million. While the first gen NSX was a gamechanger, it’s the common man’s supercar and not a fragile museum piece. People want to drive and enjoy these analog beasts.

The ad states how this is a ,

“1st production Acura NSX #355 …tucked away and lovingly maintained in a climate controlled collection since driven off the showroom floor in Sept. 6, 1990.”

For some cars, it’s amazing that someone preserved a car in a time capsule for so long but for the NSX, it’s honestly the most miserable ad for an NSX I’ve ever read. With such low miles, someone actually drove it for a quick minute, but then decided to mothball the NSX in some climate controlled warehouse for close to three decades, until now.

There are cars that need to be preserved for posterity’s sake. The NSX is one of them, sure, but those museum pieces are already tucked away at Honda’s private collection in Japan at Twin Ring Motegi, in Honda’s private museum in Torrance and even in Realtime Racing team’s own garage. There are already preserved NSX’s. The world doesn’t need more of them. The roughly 18,000 NSX’s out there are to be enjoyed!

But, it’s not my NSX, not my money, and frankly, I have no business saying what anyone does with their personal NSX. But I have my opinion.

The worst part is someone will eventually buy this NSX for an exorbitant amount, but it’s too clean to drive, let alone enjoy. A complete overhaul needs doing as the rubber, other materials and lubrication is presumably old. So, before it sits again, someone needs to wrench on this thing.

There might be some meat left on the bone for the buyer to possibly resell again. Ultimately, the fate of this NSX is to sit in a garage until the sun explodes. But hey, it’s only got 1,773 miles.

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