The Colorado boys from The Fast Lane Car lined up an SRT Challenger Hellcat against a Ford Fiesta ST and the blue oval won, foreals.

The Fast Lane Car pitted an SRT Challenger Hellcat against a Ford Fiesta ST hatch in a series of challenges including a drag race and in the sprint down the straightaway, the Ford Fiesta ST won against the supercharged muscle car fair and square. Don’t believe me? Watch the video for yourself below.

The SRT Challenger Hellcat puts out a biblical 707 HP and 650 lb-ft from its supercharged 6.2L Hemi V8. In comparison, the tiny but mighty Ford Fiesta ST musters up a commendable 200 HP and 210 lb-ft from its turbocharged inline four cylinder. The tale of the tape should clue you in that something’s amiss in the drag race before watching the video, and you’re absolutely right!

To even things up a bit, TFL Car put the Hellcat into valet mode, one of three modes which limits power on the SRT Challenger Hellcat.  Out of the two keys you’re given, if you use your black key, power is limited to 500 HP. Use the red key and you get all 707 HP. But, if you slip your SRT Hellcat into Valet mode, you’re limited to a paltry 300 HP, the engine revs only up to 4,000 RPM, first gear is locked out so no burnouts, and shifts are shortened for reduced performance. In short, you have a neutered Hellcat. And with RPM’s limited, you can’t even get to all 300 horsepower.

With the Ford Fiesta ST unleashed to its fullest potential, the SRT Hellcat had no chance in…hell…to beat the little hatch in a drag race.

OK, so we might’ve lied about the fair and square thing, but it still makes for an interesting drag race.

So, the next time your friend in his Hellcat challenges you to a drag race, slip his burly cat into valet mode while he isn’t looking and watch him in frustration as he paws away with little power to put bus lengths on you.


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