They’re fun, cheap to rent, and now there’s a new one. Bird Scooters 2.0 spotted in the wild.

Update (11/12/2018)- Check out this awesome review of this new Bird scooter via Harry Campbell: The Ride Share Guy!

If you live in the Santa Monica or near where Bird scooters flock, get ready for what I assume is an improved scooter coming your way. According to some eyes on the ground thanks to Twitter earlier yesterday (Aug. 19, 2018) a new Bird Scotter 2.0 was spotted in Culver City. Take a look at the new Bird Scooter 2.0 in the tweets below.

OG Bird Scooters AKA Version 1.0 were widely known as rebadged Xioami Mi Electric Scooters. With a 15.5 MPH top speed and relatively cheap, these did the job for Bird just fine.

As per @Michalnaka, it looks like Bird took a page from Lime Scooters and partnered up with Chinese Scooter maker Electisan for their Bird version 2.0 as these new Birds are exactly the same as the Lime Scooter 1.0.

Compared to the Xiomai sourced scooter, these new Birds supposedly ride better thanks to a heavier weight, are a bit faster, offers more night-time lighting, and come standard with a bell (a feature that I’m assuming was available on early Bird scooters.)

Bird Chargers, independent contractors who hunt down battery drained Scooters and recharge them for a fee, aren’t too happy with these heavy scooters as it means more energy exerted during their nightly forays into the city.

You’d better enjoy these new Electisan sourced scooters while you can as according to the latest drama of city vs. scooter companies, Bird and Lime might be kicked out of the Santa Monica area altogether. Permits for the proposed “Shared Mobility Pilot Program” will most likely be awarded to ridesharing juggernauts Lyft and Uber who both run scooter ride-sharing services like Bird and Lime.


  1. These Scooters Ride ruff and are bulky…..the smoothest was the first ones the Xiaomi…..I think air in the tires makes a big difference


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