A Corvette C6 Grand Sport is fast but how fast is it against a McLaren Senna?

It’s rare to see a McLaren Senna in the wild but to see one on track in your rearview mirror is an entirely different experience. That’s what Steven Kronemberger AKA @stig_jdm_ on Instagram experienced earlier last weekend (Sept. 2,2018) when he took his C6 Corvette Grand Sport to a Speed SF Track Event. Since he was in the Advanced Group, that meant he was lumped in with all the other competent drivers in high-dollar exotics. But to personally see the raw power of a McLaren Senna first hand was quite the on-track experience. Check out the video for yourself from his POV camera below.

As you can see from his video description, this is on the famed WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey. Infamous for its off-camber corkscrew corner, it’s often where slower cars will let faster cars pass in preparation for a tight left-hander onto the main straight. With a McLaren Senna on his tail, it was Steven’s plan to let the Senna pass him and then he could sort of draft off his rear.

The C6 Grand Sport surely has enough push to keep up with a McLaren Senna. Nope! The McLaren Senna not only passes him, the Senna pulls away at biblical speed until he’s out of striking distance from the Corvette. As per the owner on his personal Instagram, he wasn’t even trying all that hard that day.

With a 90 DB limit, presumably that meant the Senna couldn’t send it 100 percent around certain corners at the risk of getting banned from the track.

The tail of the tape is pretty straightforward between the two. The C6 Corvette Grand Sport is fast, no doubt about that. The LS3 6.2L engine under the Grand Sport’s hood puts out a healthy 430 HP and 424 lb-ft. Perhaps Steven had a bit of work done with this one. The McLaren Senna, on the other hand, is in a league of its own with 790 HP and 590 lb-ft. Unlike the McLaren P1, its light as possible so no electric assist but that means this hypercar weighs in at just 2,641 pounds or roughly what a new Honda Civic weighs. Oh, and the 2,200 pounds of downforce makes all the difference for a track car.

If you’re a betting man, put your money on the Senna. What it lacks in power, it makes up for in agility and downforce.


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