Toyota Supra owner Terry McGrath found out at 174 MPH why he probably needs a legit wing.

If it wasn’t for a GoPro attached to the rear roof of Terry McGrath’s Toyota Supra, he wouldn’t have known just how bad his aftermarket wing flexed under extreme downforce. As per Terry’s video that popped up on social media earlier this week (Sept. 5,2018) Terry and the rest of the internet got a firsthand look at what his spoiler does around 170+ MPH, which is pretty much nothing. Not only did the spoiler fail just a stone’s throw past its advertised limited top speed of 155 MPH, it returned back to its normal shape after he got under a certain speed. Check out the embarrassing video below.

As you can see in the video quite obviously, this Toyota Supra guns down what’s presumably an airstrip at what appears to be a full-mile top trap speed event. Probably about a quarter way through his run, the driver’s side (that’s the passenger side for us Americans) of the spoiler literally bends out of place because of downforce doing its thing at triple digit speeds. Shortly after, the other side of the rear wing folds over, almost touching his rear hatch. Both sides don’t break and the spoiler supports attached to the body, at the very least, keep the spoiler up.

Ironically, the resulting shape of the bent spoiler looks a lot like the factory spoiler setup with its iconic hoop shape.

To add insult to injury, the spoiler bends back to its normal shape after he slows down. I can only assume that if there wasn’t a camera at the rear, he would’ve never known his spoiler was bending in the first place.

Thankfully, he has a good attitude about the whole thing because why else would he share this video with the rest of the world?

Terry will probably swap out that old aftermarket spoiler for something a bit more rigid, perhaps one that’s been wind-tested or made of a stiffer material.

Aerodynamics is important at high-speeds. Can you imagine if his wing broke apart catastrophically, all of a sudden instead of bending? His aero at the rear would’ve been really thrown off resulting in God only knows what situation.

Good wings don’t flex. Good wings stay strong past triple-digit speeds. If you’re going to go fast and want extra stability, get a good wing.


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