Wrench, a race car mechanic simulator, uses VR technology to get your “hands dirty” in the world of working on cars.

Everyone says they want to be a race mechanic but those in the know, know that its real deal hard work. Now, you can put those car enthusiasts in their place by gifting them Wrench, a race car mechanic simulator. According to Redditor AlecMoody, the developer of this game who showed up to tout its features earlier today (Sept. 11, 2018) announced that he’s offering early access to this one-of-a-kind VR simulator that’s sure to be on every car enthusiast’s steam want list once it “hits the shelves.”

The job of a race mechanic isn’t quite the walk in the park glamorous YouTube video’s make it out to be. With tight deadlines between racing, qualifying, different stages for rally cars, and breakdowns, it’s a race to do a good job, and, do it fast. Wrench supposedly will play out similarly through your VR goggles.

As per the game’s developer,

You run a motorsports prep shop. There are persistent customers that have their own races schedules and you do all of their mechanical work between their events. When a new customer comes in you typically start with an inspection. Any parts you replace get log booked and you as parts wear out there are reported symptoms.

It’s a little more in depth than that but those are the basics.

Alec even dropped a little teaser video that he also posted on Steam showing what actual gameplay will look like.

If games, where you learn real skills are your bag, this game will appeal to you tremendously. If this video and a race car mechanic’s life doesn’t get you excited, here’s what they’ve listed on their Steam page.

” In Wrench you will:

  • Build relationships with persistent customers.
  • Logbook and maintain customer cars around their race schedules
  • Recommend and install modifications based on customer’s driving traits
  • Build and modify your own persistent shop cars
  • Grow your shop’s reputation and hire mechanics to help take on more customers “

Not everyone who is a car enthusiast has access to tools, a garage, wrenching space, cars, and, parts to wrench on. Wrench is a great way for someone to gain experience in the world of wrenching at no cost of their own and with zero real-life repercussions except for the cost of the VR equipment and time you spend playing it.

I can imagine this developer collaborating with some established race teams and putting some of their cars in the game. Maybe a competition to find the best “wrencher” might get a shot at wrenching on race cars in real life.

The sky’s the limit with VR with few barriers to entry. Let’s get to wrenching, people.


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