Pour one out later tonight for (53) Ferrari’s who lost their lives during Typhoon Jebi, my Ferrari fans.

It’s tough to get Italian exotics in Japan so when a Typhoon neared the man-made island of Rokko, near to where the epicenter of the typhoon was going to hit, this Ferrari dealership’s owner did all he could to stop the incoming water. But, all was for naught as per Yahoo Japan on their report on this devastating floor earlier last week (Sept. 6,2018) the water crept in anyways and climbed their one meter tall wall of sandbags, destroying the Ferraris.

Check out this one sad photo of a Ferrari being lifted onto a bed presumably heading straight to the wrecking yard.

If there’s one natural disaster that wrecks havoc on cars, leaving a bittersweet shell of its former existence, it’s flooding. You can’t blame the dealership’s owner as he tried everything he could to stop the water.

measures such as covering the entrance with a blue sheet or sandbag (how) were taken, but the store was flooded to a height of about 1 meter with a storm surge.

seawater is damaged, such as getting inside the engine, and it will be all scrapped in the future. Some cars that have already been purchased are also included.

How devastating it must’ve been to hear that your Ferrari, ready to order, is now not available thanks to a giant typhoon that destroyed your feature pride and joy.

Japan being Japan, I imagine this Ferrari dealership’s already waiting for its next shipment of exotics and the store is already immaculate. Earlier this month I wrote about how this Japanese tuning shop suffered a similar fate, albeit with cars that cost a lot less, and within a matter of days were up and running without skipping a beat.

Typhoon Jebi was no joke. At least 11 people lost their lives and this particular storm pattern was the strongest Japan’s ever experienced in 25 years. So while Japan DID lose 51 Ferraris, the fact that no one was hurt is probably more important at this point.

:Shakes fist at Typhoon Jebi:


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