The strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years passed through the area where J’s Racing is but they’ve since recovered.

Less than a week after a hellacious typhoon swept through Japan’s Kansai Region, that means Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka, where J’s Racing Tuning is located, although J’s Racing suffered some damage, they’re already open for business days later. As per one of their presumable factory drivers and employee Daigo Umehara over twitter, whom I’ve been following as he chronicled the shop’s rebuild last week, Typhoon Jebi hit J’s racing pretty hard, but as mentioned, thanks to the hardworking spirit of this small shop’s employees, they’re already open for business. Check out a couple of the tweets with highlights from the typhoon below.

It looks like Typhoon Jebi did most of its damage over last weekend. In preparation for the wind and rain, J’s Racing rolled down its shutters and battened down whatever they could. Here’s what Daigo Umehara discovered after Typhoon Jebi hit.

Although thankfully, not much rain crept inside their shop, damage to some windows, shutters, and debris finding its way into the shop meant thieves could just walk in if they wanted to with the shop unattended. There was major work to be done.

Later on, the next day, Daigo tweeted out this update. The shop was 80 percent cleaned up but no security or rolling shutters meant he slept overnight to make sure the rare looter didn’t take advantage of the situation. After all, there are some very expensive shop cars there.

This simple tweet with pictures later that night says it all, Daigo ate some noddles and drank some Japanese sake while he guarded the empty shop with his pistol strapped by his side. Or is that a BB gun? I’ve heard it’s hard to even GET a gun in Japan…so I’m thinking BB.

After a night’s sleep in the shop, the rest of J’s Racing employees got to the shop and work sped up exponentially. The shop was finally almost back to normal.

And not even 72 hours after they got hit, most of the shop cars were already shined up and they announced they’re open for business once again.

And here’s one of their latest tweets as of this writing. Less than a week later and they’re already hard at work, wrenching on a couple of Honda Fits and they’re even throwing an event at their shop at the same time.

Not bad, J’s Racing. Way to get back on your feet after suffering a minor setback with the typhoon and all. It was only the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years.




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