Amazon announced today that they’re making live Christmas tree deliveries a thing so you can take off your roof rack now.

One of the main reason anyone got the optional roof rack for their crossover or SUV is because the salesperson sold them on the idea that they’re going to need one to prevent paint scratches bringing home the Christmas tree once a year. Well, you can shed that unnecessary weight off the roof of your vehicle because earlier today (Sept. 12,2018) Amazon announced that they’re doing away traditional “drive to your grocery store and pick up a tree the day before Christmas” deal and will deliver live trees, already cut, to your front door.

As per an Amazon spokesperson, Christmas decorating traditions have all been pushed to the wayside and outsourced to China. Not their exact words but they did say the sale of living wreaths, garlands, and flowers peak around the Holiday season, so why not sell some Christmas trees instead?

And if you didn’t already know, Amazon already sells small live trees three feet tall and smaller and sublet’s out to a third-party supplier if they’re selling larger trees.

Good news if you’re an Amazon Prime customer as you get free two-day shipping. And if you’re already hankering for a tree, know that there’s going to be all sizes, from two to seven feet, and a wide choice including Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Black Hills Spruce, and Norfolk Island Pines.

KTLA quoted a representative from the National Christmas Tree Association, because of course there’s a group with that name, in support of this move despite what you might think, killing small business and all. If anything, this move will probably increase the demand for live trees given people like to procrastinate until the very last moment to get a tree and might be defeated into shopping for one online when the thought of loading up the car with kids and getting out the rope becomes overwhelming.

Like Adam Corolla said on one of his podcasts,  soon you’ll be able to go on Amazon and click “Christmas” and all the jobs and shopping for Christmas will be done.

How sad.

Shop for a Christmas Tree the old-fashioned way while you still can, folks.


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