In another case of mob mentality winning over common sense, this security guard got the brunt of this car meet’s stupidity.

It was absolute mayhem in Los Angeles last night as a car meet organized on social media in honor of Paul Walker’s Birthday devolved into mob rule, as per usual. According to multiple witnesses who attended and then uploaded video to Instagram, it was a car meet that got too big for its own good, again, as per usual. With so many people, so few security guards and police, car meet attendees took it as an opportunity to go absolutely nuts.

As you can see in the next series of videos, the mayhem reached a crescendo when a security guard at a West Covina shopping center who tried to control crowds was boxed in by people. One thing led to another and a fight breaking out between the security guard and some random passerby was the signal flare for everyone to go bananas on the poor security guard’s truck.

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Another Video Of The Encounter With Security At That Meet Last Night In West Covina Video : @chris_alvar

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It didn’t help that a second security guard initially locked himself inside, somehow further infuriating the others surrounding him.

The police, doing what they do to enforce the rule of law and to make this meet an example, blocked in the entrance to the shopping center and reffed cars left and right. It seems like any car that had a whiff of illegal modifications was immediately impounded. Word on the street was that more than 50 cars were loaded onto flat beds last night.

Mob mentality is so sad to witness. With no fear of repercussion, it’s as if the real deep-seated emotions of a few bring out the absolute worse in everybody else. This social media culture isn’t helping any, either.

It goes beyond car meets, obviously. Earlier today I posted about how students from the University of Kentucky absolutely destroyed this poor Volvo because they won a football game?

If you want a vlog type of video of last night’s mayhem, a couple of videos are already making their way online.

Chill, people. Car meets are dead.


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