When Big M. Superstore got wind that this teenager’s car got flipped by a bunch of rowdy college students, they jumped into action and helped him out.

For some odd reason, it’s acceptable to flip a car after winning an important college football game. According to TMZ on their update from the University of Kentucky, earlier this weekend (Sept. 10, 2018) 19-year-old Matt O’Hara returned to his car post Kentucky v. Florida to find it flipped over after the Wild Cats won over the Gators.

After O’Hara’s mom got the shocking news, she posted up a GoFundMe page to get her son a new car asap. That post went viral, which caught the attention of a local car dealership, Big M Superstore in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Without missing a beat they contacted Mrs. O’Hara and let her know that they got her covered and donated a 2004 Mazda 3 to her teenager. Check out their Facebook post below.

The internet being the horrible place that it is, someone managed to post the video showing his old car, which looks like a mid-2000’s Volvo V60, being flipped over.

I can’t understand in what world is it OK to flip an innocent person’s car when your football team wins a game. Granted, it’s been 31 years since the Wildcats beat the Gators so emotions were probably running high, but that alone isn’t reason to do something terrible like this. There’s actually no reason.With so many iPhones flipped out filming, I can only hope the police deem it necessary to prosecute any actively involved.

And Thank God that, as the GoFundMe page updated us on, there are kind people out there willing to give a stranger money who wants the best for their son.

Major props to Big M Superstore for forgoing a sale on that Mazda 3 and stepping up on what could’ve been a rotten situation.

As per Mrs. O’Hara, the old Volvo is parked at Big M Superstore for anyone who wants to take a swing at the car.

To those UK students, don’t be assholes.



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