This is what happens when a driver whose reached his breaking point meets a passenger who doesn’t understand the best way to calm someone down isn’t to tell them to calm down.

Being a bus driver can be one of the most stressful jobs in the world especially when you find yourself behind schedule. A Las Vegas, NV bus rider on his way to Starbucks earlier last week (Sept. 14, 2018) witnessed what he titled the video as “The Bus ride from hell.” Pay attention to how he said “ride’ and not “driver.” Somehow the video has only been seen a little over 8 thousand times. Check it out below.

There’s no fluff in this video as it jumps right into the action. Prior to the video starting, it looks like this bus driver has had quite the morning. According to the video description, this ride is happening in the middle of the night when either people are getting off a very late shift or some are headed to work. It’s a strange hour, especially in Las Vegas.

A lady passenger standing within earshot of the driver keeps responding to the driver after she presumably complained that he’s behind schedule.

“Stop talking back to me, this is a stressful job…let me just vent….I’m venting. I’m seven minutes down. It’s not alright. I’m gonna get written up for it, you don’t do my job and don’t know what you’re about!”

Shortly after the bus driver stood up to direct his yelling at this lady, she continues to tell the man to “calm down” and proceeds to dial 911 in fear for her own life. It’s an understandable action given that there are a handful of passengers on board who’ve all inadvertently trusted their lives to this driver by climbing onto the bus.

The shooter of the video thankfully turned this video into the Nevada Regional Transportation Committee which will probably result in the driver being fired. They did release a statement as per KTNV to the effect that they’re investigating the situation and will take appropriate action AKA “he’s going to get fired.”

The driver is 99.9 percent at fault in this encounter but .01 percent has to go to the passenger. It’s common sense that the best way to calm someone down is certainly NOT to tell them to calm down. Anyone who’s ridden in a car with an angry parent knows that when your driver gets mad, you keep a low profile till you get to your destination. A drivers main job is to drive and, they’re trained to do just that. Telling a driver to “hurry up” in more words or less isn’t going to help the situation any.

Unless your bus driver is REALLY going nuts, like “driving through a building” nuts, it’s my opinion that passengers should sit tight, a safer option then pestering an already aggravated driver.

I’m reiterating, the driver is at fault here, by far, and I hope he gets some help, goes through some retraining in mindfulness and customer service and continues to drive given proof of his change.


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