Just a month after Monterey Car Week, John Cena’s Ford GT is up for sale…again.

When Ford GT serial number 77 crosses and eventually sells at Mecum Dallas later next month, it’ll be onto its fourth owner surely frustrating Ford anew. As per Mecum Auctions on their latest listings to hit their site earlier today (Sept. 21, 2018) the internet’s most famous Ford GT in Liquid Blue is up for auction yet again. The difference in odometer mileage between the Russo and Steele auction in Monterey and this Mecum Dallas auction is literally one mile from 625 miles to 626 miles. The third owner never drove it and is looking to make a quick buck.

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To recap, back in December, Ford sued John Cena for selling his Ford GT to a dealership in Chico, Calif. That dealership then sold it to a second owner, who we now know as a wealthy Californian farmer who wanted his last great car purchase to be an American one.

But, after the 2017 Ford GT got difficult to get in and out of, he then handed his car off to Russo and Steele for them to auction it off at Monterey Car Week. With a settlement between Ford and John Cena completed, this car was free of litigation and could be auctioned off, no questions asked. That auction netted Russo and Steele $140,000 as the hammer’s last bid was for $1.4 million with their auction listing showing a $1.54 million last selling price.

That third owner remains a mystery and rightfully so as it looks like he got this Ford GT for a steal. As per Fox News, the only other new Ford GT for auction sold for $1.8 M back in May so there was money still on the table. That Ford GT tried to sell for more during Monterey Car Week through Mecum, a different auction house but failed to pass the reserve when a final bid of $1.6 Million was placed.

Frankly, I’m getting tired of this Ford GT passing hands and it’s literally the only Ford GT news to hit the internet since this car dropped.

Ironically, the Acura NSX, a car that few paid attention to thanks to this Ford GT dropping the same day, continues to evolve for 2019, has a thriving second-hand market for first gen NSXs, is now a bargain because it’s misunderstood, and is overall a better daily driver that’s built-in America, has gotten better press these past months.

Although Ford lost its lawsuits against Cena, it’s legacy now is drama house auctions.


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