The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are known for its handling but what if you want even MORE sportiness and MORE handling?

Aftermarket shock absorber companies have a problem. With stock cars tuned to the 9’s and already almost bonafide racecars out of the showroom floor, owners in say a Toyota 86 find it hard to justify making their already firm and sporty ride even sportier. Enter KYB Japan and their latest pair of entrants in the aftermarket shocks game, the KYB SR MC and KYB SR MS. According to WebCarTop on their words on this pair of dampers they put out earlier (Oct 1, 2018) thanks to a new piston design inside the damper, KYB was able to engineer a better damper altogether.


The handling on cars like the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are some of the best handling cars on the market so leave it up to KYB to tell you that they can improve on that experience. If you didn’t already guess MS stands for more sporty and MC stands for more comfort.

By utilizing a proprietary technology on their valves dubbed the HLS valve, KYB supposedly takes an OEM damper and sharpens its handling and steering characteristics even more.

According to a direct to English translation,

The goal was to suppress unpleasant vibrations in today’s automobiles, to confront the conflicting characteristics of riding comfort and handling stability
To make it compatible at a high level while making full use of its features. Sports are not overwhelming, even in sporty
“NEW SR MS” which adds comfort. While making in-vehicle space where all passengers can spend comfortably, operability is also good
Let’s raise “NEW SR MC”. The newly developed HLS valve was indispensable for the two items.

The realist in me sees behind this marketing ploy. I’m sure these dampers are good, but for everyday driving, I doubt I’ll feel much a difference if any when comparing an OEM setup to these.

Perhaps you’ll feel a difference when you’re driving above 8/10ths, but, for everything else, I’d save your money.

How can a country known for the best roads even think about marketing to improve comfort due to Japan’s “harsh roads.”

I feel like they’re out of touch with reality, here and should take their damper testing to some real-world locations that’ll challenge your dampers like Detroit, Boston after a winter storm, or the unpaved roads of Alaska.


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