How does a record-breaking McLaren P1 LM relax? By taking a leisurely sub-13 minute drive up Pikes Peak.

Earlier last month, a bunch of McLaren F1 owners headed up to the High Desert to blast up Pikes Peak in Colorado as part of their weekend shenanigans. In the mix was Lanzante Limited of 24 Hours of LeMans lore with the record-breaking McLaren P1 LM. Earlier yesterday (Oct 1, 2018) Lanzante posted up an official POV video showing this beast from Woking blasting up Pikes Peak at a leisurely sub-13 pace. Check out that amazing bit of video below. You’ll be glad to know that it’s posted sans music or fancy editing, just a lovely twin turbo engine, and road noises.


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As one commenter on Youtube notes, the drive looks a lot slower than it actually is. Although the drivetrain record for All-Wheel drive record is a blistering 7:57, as mentioned, this McLaren P1 LM isn’t exactly giving it the full beans. Despite that, it flexes its muscles nonetheless. On the main straight towards the beginning we can see the speedometer eclipse 111 MPH, a mere walk in the park for this downforce beast.

Even though this was just a leisurly drive, the tale of the tape is worth mentioning. This P1 LM puts out an astonishing 986 HP and 774 lb-ft aided by its electric motors. We got a taste of what the P1 LM was capable of when it broke the Goodwood Festival of speed record in 2016 blasting up that hill in 47.07 seconds.

The next year the P1 LM broke the Nurburgring Ring Record with a 6:43.22 blast, an unofficial record that stands today despite the Lamborghini Aventador LP running a 6:44.97 earlier this year. There were only 5 road legal P1 LM’s made so this car doesn’t qualify for the record.

It’s always a good day when Lanzante posts up some masterpieces of driving and I wonder if they’re going to slay more records while this car is presumably still in America.

Lowkey, can they lap around faster than the other McLaren stealing the spotlight, the bonkers aero Senna?


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