APR just dropped an ECU upgrade for the 2019 VW Atlas that drastically raises power well above the optional VR6 engine.

If you’ve got just $700 burning a hole in your pocket and you’ve got a 2019 VW Atlas with that lump of a 2.0T turbo barely able to keep up with a full load and all your stuff you carry on a daily basis, APR has something that might interest you. APR announced earlier this week (Oct. 3, 2018) that they’ve got an APR Plus ECU Upgrade and a cheaper stage 1 tune that, with the right octane, adds 66 HP and 88 lb-ft over stock as measured by APR on their dyno.

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The VW Atlas is selling exceptionally well in the United States to the tune of about 4,300 Atlas’s a month according to GoodCarBadCar and for good reason, it seats seven. But since it’s so large, it weighs in at a monstrous 4,336 pounds at its lightest, nothing that its MQB platform can’t hide.

As such, if you get the base VW Atlas at sub $30,000 before destination charges and fees, you’re stuck with a 2.0L turbo engine. To be fair, it’s a good engine, one of VWs best, actually designed by Audi dubbed the EA888. This particular variant is up to 235 HP and 258 lb-ft, but that’s simply not enough when you approach the GVWR of 5,997 pounds.

Enter APR’s suite of ECU upgrades. Keep in mind that you have to go to an APR dealer/installer or have your ECU shipped out to said APR dealer. This isn’t your mama’s flash tune.

The first ECU upgrade dubbed APR Plus ECU Upgrade with limited powertrain warranty might interest you if you’d prefer to keep your VW limited powertrain warranty, which this ECU Upgrade allows you to do. This tune’s good for +41 HP and +57 lb-ft, raising final power numbers of the EA888 to 291 HP and 317 lb-ft. This tune costs a whopping $1,100. But, you keep your warranty.

The Stage 1 ECU tune is pretty much the same thing but this tune voids your warranty. With 93 Octane, you get the whole 319 HP and 348 lb-ft.

Imagine you, a Mom or Dad with a 2019 VW Atlas. You’re tired of it being slow and you want some pep in its step. Get one of these tunes with a warranty, you get more power, and your significant other is none the wiser.

Not bad if you ask me.


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