Subaru is taking no chances and sending these mostly fine Subaru Ascents to the crusher.

It’s only been less than three months in dealerships but it looks like Subaru hit a major problem with their 2019 Subaru Ascents. As per Consumer Reports in what looks to be an exclusive find before its hits NHTSA’s main recall page earlier this week (Oct. 5, 2018) Subaru is sending approximately 293 Subaru Ascents to the crusher, Monroney sticker and all. It looks like a simple coding error meant that welding robots responsible for several key welding areas for the Ascent were missed rendering these vehicles not only unsafe but downright dangerous. Subaru is literally ordering that these new Subarus be crushed to smithereens.

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C.R. reports that.

Consequently, Subaru says the structural integrity of the Ascent could be compromised, increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash. Improper coding on the welding robots is to blame.

Out of those 293, only nine made it to owners. Subaru will not repair those Ascents and, will instead send them brand new cars with those missing spot welds all welded up.

Besides these Ascents, Subaru has been in the news as of late most notably for faulty electronic parking brakes that, under certain conditions when not in Park and due to faulty design, could prematurely release said rear brakes, sending those Subarus careening into harm’s way.

Subaru’s also been in the news in its home country for shoddy final inspection results in their plant in Gunma, Japan. With Nissan also egregiously skimping on final inspections, these are tumultuous times for Japanese automakers, keen on regaining the trust of its customers.

Subaru is trying hard to keep up its squeaky clean record in the United States as per the latest sales figures for the Ascent show, momentum for these larger seven-passenger Subarus. Car Sales Database reports that Subaru sold more than 10,000 Ascents in the United States alone in the first three months.

Subaru Ascents are priced at around $31,995 before taxes and destination.


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