If you’ve ever felt slightly jealous at entitled youths with money to throw at sports cars, this video of a self-destructing BMW E92 M3 should make you feel slightly better.

BMWs, in general, are out of the price range for average Joe’s so when we see someone your younger driving around in a newer one while you’re in a 10-year-old Passat, you’d wish there was an alternate reality where their BMW self-destructs. Well, as per our friends over at Dein Auto CH earlier this week (Oct. 11, 2018) they shared a recently shot video of some youths in Germany taking no pride and respect for this piece of BMW engineering and ripping a minute long burnout with no foresight into the repercussions. Well, although the title spoils what happens, it hasn’t spoiled just to what extent including the gnarly aftermath. Check out that video below.

When the BMW E92 M3 came out in 2007 it MSRP’d for around $70,000. Appreciation hasn’t been too kind to the M3 as prices for used ones hover around $30,000. With a sweetheart of a BMW S65 V8 under the hood making a generous 414 HP and 295 lb-ft so low in the powerband, this engine is a rev machine and better yet, it’s naturally aspirated. You can imagine how sweet this engine sounds. As such, it’s a treasure meant to be driven hard but with respect.

Respect was not shown to this particular S65 engine as these brats redlined the poor thing for close to a full minute putting major stress on the powertrain and drivetrain components. With no airflow going to the radiators and the engine screaming at the top of its powerband, heat built up at a massive rate. Even the best-designed engines can’t withstand this type of abuse. Racecars might be at the top of their powerband for hours on end but proper cooling ensures everything is A-OK. What results is an engine that cries uncle and goes kaput, rods and pistons exploding every which way.

How predictable.

If you’re going to redline an engine like this, at least be moving at triple digit speeds. Burnout for longer than 30 seconds and expect this to happen.


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