This Fox-Body Mustang on BAT has all the right conditions for a perfect storm. Forecast, a final selling price of over $100,000.

A crate engine swapped Fox-body Ford Mustang with an IRS suspension out back doesn’t sound like the recipe for a ‘Stang that should garner six-figures but this is no ordinary Mustang, this is the enthusiasts Mustang whose current custodian, arguably the face of that “older millennial whose a tuner” of our time, is Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire. Suffice to say, this Mustang’s a big deal for anyone in the know. As per Bring A Trailer on their listing they posted up earlier today (Oct. 15,2018) with literally seven more days left and the Mustang barely a blip on the internet, six bids have been placed with the current bid, as of this writing, already at $65,000.

As per a very reliable source on Twitter @Hoonable, the current record for a Fox Body Mustang sits at $82,500.

After a bit of Googling around, the Mustang to beat looks to be this 1990 Ford Mustang Convertible in factory mint condition. With just 16 miles on the odometer and a very special 7-Up limited edition LX, one of 4,103. That Mustang was understandably sold for that ludicrous amount, it certainly had that bit of prominence surrounding it, but Matt’s Mustang arguably has no prominence.

On its face, it’s just a swapped Mustang, it’s an SSP or lightweight police car package if it counts for anything. But, as hinted at, this Mustang is more than that. Despite the laundry list of modifications, this Mustang has been tuned for driving and not for power. With just 270HP at the wheels, it’s more than enough power to exploit what this Mustang is capable of. It’s a canyon carver in the truest sense of the word, a vehicle greater than the sum of its parts.

Keep in mind that half of the proceeds go to charity so it’s not like Matt’s going to get all $100,00 plus.

It’s a bold strategy that seems to be working. Matt will probably get a good chunk of what he put into it and the rest goes to a good cause for that ever important tax write-off. It’s a win-win for everyone. Then again, it’s not like Matt’s looking to make a profit on this auction.

Keep our page bookmarked as I’ll surely update y’all on the final selling price.

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