It’s honestly and 100 percent the truth that when you want your Dodge Demon to run the fastest it can go you call in badass lady driver Leah Pritchett to school us boys on how it’s done.

Records sell parts so when DiabloSport LLC, purveyor of gasoline and diesel flash tuning systems, wanted to get their twin turbocharged Dodge Demon down the quarter-mile as humanly fast as possible, they called in badass lady driver Lady Pritchett. As per Diablo Sport LLC on their video they shared on Facebook earlier this week (Oct. 17,2018) Leah took what they gave her, strapped into the driver’s seat, and set an earth-scorching 8.81-second blast down the quarter mile with a 162.6 MPH trap speed which places this Dodge Demon on top of the heap.


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Breaking world records in our fully carbon fiber Dodge Demon with professional drag racer @leahpritchett_tf #Dodge #Demon

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When the Dodge Demon was first announced and had its media attention grabbing headline attached to it, that stock, the Demon could run a 9.65 second quarter mile at 140 MPH, Dodge called on Leah to back up that claim, which she did, setting herself up as the Queen of Demon records.

So, when Gear Head Fabrications and Speed Kore unveiled their twin-turbocharged 1000 HP plus Dodge Demon, there was only one person they could trust to deliver the fastest possible quarter mile time, you guessed it, the Dodge Demon queen herself.

If you didn’t already know, the Dodge Demon is notoriously finicky on the drag strip. On any given Sunday, most Demon owners are able to hit low 11’s and high 10’s no problem. But getting into the nine-second range requires very specific track conditions, mainly a super-sticky and prepped track. TFLCar put out an awesome video of just how prepped the track should be.

Also, this Dodge Demon isn’t exactly stock, far from it. This Demon sports a full carbon fiber body, is tuned to 1200 horsepower, which is more than 350 more than stock, and has the world’s best driver in its seat (it probably helps that she weighs half of what normal dudes way.)


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