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This OK-based photog was once again

Blacklisted OK Photog & her questionable techniques pops up at Outlaw Armageddon

Lowline Media's already been blacklisted at a handful of drag racing tracks in and around Sallisaw, OK but it looks like this photog and...
I29 Dragstrip Flooding

Midwestern floods has this Iowa dragstrip underwater for a second time in weeks

I29 Dragway shared photos showing just how bad these Midwestern floods are wreaking havoc on their local dragstrip. While some parts of the United States...
Clutch detachment

Dodge Gasser suffers trans failure sending clutch through dashboard

This Dodge Hemi gasser, despite being meticulously prepared and literally using the best aftermarket parts in the biz, suffered a catastrophic mechanical failure that...
Drag Racing Civic Sacramento Raceway

Malfunction sends drag Civic into Sacramento Raceway wall during CMI Spring Jam

A suspected mechanical malfunction sent this drag prepped Honda Civic Hatchback flying across his lane and onto the barrier in the opposite lane before...
Darci Knowles

Badass lady drag racer Darci Knowles just won the internet with this comment

Everyone just assumes drag racers are automatically guys but this Kansas City-based drag racer confidently let this random guy know that ladies are just...
EKanoo 720S

EKanoo Racing’s mostly stock McLaren 720S runs 9.534 quarter-mile, R888 whine

Sure the McLaren 720S can run 9.7 seconds in the quarter-mile all day long but what happens if you throw on drag radials and...
Leah Pritchett Dodge Demon

World’s fastest Dodge Demon runs high 8’s in the quarter, badass Leah Pritchett called...

It's honestly and 100 percent the truth that when you want your Dodge Demon to run the fastest it can go you call in...

This badass woman just broke the land-speed record for bikes at 184 MPH

In an amazing coordination of dragster, driver, cyclist, and bike, this amazing woman became the fastest person to pedal on two wheels. The land speed...
GT-R loser

Lowly Honda Civic savagely gaps this poor Nissan GT-R

Someone call the amber lamps because this Nissan GT-R got seriously whopped by this econobox. The Nissan GT-R is one serious supercar, I'll give you...
lower ball joint failure

This freak lower ball joint accident is a reminder why safety is important in...

If you're going to race at a drag strip and there are certain track safety requirements that have to be met, this freak accident...
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