Everyone just assumes drag racers are automatically guys but this Kansas City-based drag racer confidently let this random guy know that ladies are just as good at popping wheelies, if not better.

This is the type of reply to an internet comment one simply doesn’t recover from, this random guy just might need some rehab after badass lady Drag Racer Darci Knowles confidently and politely replied back to his assumption. Earlier today (Dec. 12, 2018) 1320.com posted up a wheelie shot of a 1979 Ford Mustang with its front bumper pointed to the sky that would make some lowriders jealous. Anyhow, some random internet commenter immediately assumed that it was one of his “Good ol’ Missouri boys” laying it down for the KC.”

Well, let me just post the embarrassing exchange of words between the two below, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

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You’ll notice that I’ve posted a screenshot of his comment because the original comment has since been deleted for obvious reasons, the dude’s too embarrassed!

If you didn’t already piece together Darci’s story, this Kansas City-based teen actively races a 1979 Ford Mustang with what looks to be a 496 BBC (Big Block Chevy ) underneath the hood. You can read more about her story on her racing page at Darci Knowles Racing if you just follow the links in the photos and videos below. Her story’s actually pretty awesome when you find out that the Mustang she’s racing is the same car that brought her home from the hospital in. Yup, racing is a family affair for the Knowles.

Also, it looks like I’ve located the race where 1320.com got their photo from, this race from Redemption 6.0 two years ago which the video ranked as one of the best No Prep Wheelies of 2016.

Well done, Darci and congrats on winning the internet with that lovely reply today. Keep on ripping it.

Source: 1320.com via Facebook


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