There’s an unwritten fact that Rays Volks TE37s look good on literally anything and this Tesla Model S slammed on TEs illustrates that yet again.

The Volk Racing TE37 is such a classic design and comes in dozens of sizes that it’s almost a guarantee that RAYS wheels have a TE that’ll fit your car and it’ll automatically make it look that much better. This is exactly the case when Joey Lee shared this Tesla Model S on Instagram earlier yesterday (Dec. 12, 2018) and this particular photo became his second liked photo of the year, which, coming from @Stickydiljoe’s Instagram feed, says a lot. The man knows what looks good and can take a photo to say the least.

Check out this Tesla Model S below.

As the caption suggests, this is no ordinary Tesla Model S as this one’s going to be modified as best the current owner can. This Tesla’s getting an aero kit that should clean the already smooth lines shaped by Tesla’s brightest for that all important low Cd.

And low-key if there’s an electric car at the moment that deserves to be lowered and riding on something other than stock wheels, it has to be the Tesla Model S. The Model S really isn’t longer than other cars, it’s almost the same length as a bog standard Toyota Camry, but since it has no front engine, early Tesla designers really brought out the shape that’s low-slung, streamlined and, sporty, attributes accentuated by lowering it even further.

Then there are those TEs. I mean, just look at them. With perfect fitment, nary a wheel gap, and a TE37 that really fills the wheel well, those RAYS wheels really go well on a Model S.

And one doesn’t simply throw on a TE37 on a Tesla Model S and calls it a day. I’ve went on the internet and found another Tesla Model S on TE’s and its execution doesn’t even come close to the one posted above. The offset isn’t right, the wheel is one inch too small and at stock height, it doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather see the stock wheels on.


But, if you do it right, Volk Racing TE37s can look good on literally anything. Just try and prove me wrong.

Source: @Stickydiljoe


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