As far as we know, Fiat Chrysler Automobile currently has no regulations beyond common sense about how their employees use company showers.

Earlier today (Dec. 13, 2018) I came across quite a strange notice issued by FCA management to its employees, specifically males, to not masturbate in company showers. With the FCA logo in the upper right-hand corner, for a moment, I really thought this might be an official document until a cursory google search revealed that this is just a photoshop of another notice posted at some random college. So, if you’re like me and thought for a second that male employees at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles were relieving  their…ehmm…stress at work in excessive levels, such is not the case.

Here’s the notice as I saw it posted online below.

FCA Masturbation
No, FCA doesn’t have a problem with their employees relieving themselves in their showers

It looks like this particular style of notice started four years ago at several colleges and picked up steam from there. It’s noteworthy that no official college administration actually posted an official warning notice to students and it’s, in fact, just a prank.

And if you scroll down this article by the Huffington Post you’ll find the fake notice posted by the University of Kentucky in the same style as the FCA one.

Tire Meets Road has NOT reached out to FCA for official comment but if we did and they responded, I imagine that they’d say something along the lines that,

“Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is not aware of any issues regarding the use of our company showers. Please be advised that our showers should be used in a manner consistent in which they were designed for.”

As to WHY someone photoshopped this notice, I really don’t have an answer for you there. FCA has been in the news as of late for alleged corruption in their unions and for opening a new factory sometime next year. Perhaps an FCA employee ironically had too much time on their hands. Maybe it was just a personal prank to another fellow FCA employee.



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