When this poor Lamborghini Aventador SV broke down in front of Burberry, Beverley Hills police were there to direct traffic and assist.

Out of gas, a dead battery, or just a dud of a V12 engine, who knows why this Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce in matte black stopped dead in its tracks in front of Beverley Hills finest, but it did. And according to the Beverley Hills Police department earlier today (Dec. 14, 2018) they were there to assist the poor bloke out of harm’s way from a runaway Bird Scooter or some influencer walking too fast to see the supercar before them. Who knows, Beverley Hills can be a downright dangerous place in the middle of a sunny afternoon.

Anyways, here’s the video of this Aventador SV owner and who I assume is her girlfriend taking up a lane of traffic as the Beverley Hills Police initiates the weirdest four-man parade Southern California has ever seen.

Supercars like this aren’t driven often and what I think what happened was this particular Aventador SV was jumpstarted wherever that person owns it just to get the Aventador rolling after a dead battery. Unfortunately, it looks like any dead Aventador that’s jump-started will immediately shut down for some odd reason. Not my words but from Insurance company Agero who presumably provides insurance for these expensive supercars.


Any Lamborghini Aventador with a dead battery needs to be brough to the dealership. Jumpstarting the vehicle and allowing the owner to drive off will result in the car shutting down while stuck in gear within just a few miles.

And if you’re like me and want to see where this Aventador died in Google Maps, check out the screenshot from Google Maps below.

Isn’t it one of the nicer Google Maps images you’ve ever seen?

I say if you own one of these Aventadors, get yourself a battery tender to avoid embarrassing situations like this.

Source: Beverly Hills PD via Instagram


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