The McLaren 600LT is a quarter million dollar supercar slayer but this owner thought the best way to show it off was to hit the rev limiter parked, setting off the building fire suppression system in the process.

This McLaren 600LT owner just couldn’t help himself and let his inner ricer shine through when some potential friends and clients gathered around this orange supercar slayer while he pegged the accelerator multiple times. Unbeknownst to him, the fire suppression system under the awning was monitoring the rising temps thanks to the 600LT’s exhaust turned upwards and, at a certain temperature, unleashed a deluge of water on top of the McLaren and everyone watching. Presumed owner and current custodian of this particular orange McLaren 600LT posted up a video of the embarrassing display earlier today (Dec. 15, 2018.)

Check out the rev display gone awry for yourself below.

The McLaren 600LT, based off of the already bonkers fast 570S, like the 675LT and F1 GTR Longtail, receives its own longtail treatment. Another defining feature of the car, also shared with the McLaren Senna, is that lightweight titanium exhaust system mounted on the top of the car towards the rear. Connected to that dual flame-spitting exhaust system is McLaren’s exclusive 3.8L twin-turbocharged V8 that makes an impressive 600 HP and 475 lb-ft. And, as the video shows, it also spits some mean fireballs, standard.

The weather in Pinellas ZPark Florida earlier today hovered around 61F. Fire suppression sprinklers, according to Fire Safe Systems, only activates when the ambient air temperature around a sensor reaches between 155-165 degrees. That means in a manner of seconds this McLaren heated up the air another 100 degrees, no small feat thanks to that upturned exhaust.

I’m sure this dealer will still put on shows for clients that include copious amounts of revving. After all, the sound is a large part of supercar ownership. But, the next time they get another McLaren with an upturned exhaust, they’ll pull it out a couple of feet in the open air before channeling their inner ricer.

Source: @McLaren_Matt



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