Is this drama foreals or is it just all fake? Regardless, yes, there is indeed a Nissan 240SX somewhere in Southern California with a giant penis as a wrap/livery.

Youtubers, especially car Youtubers are finding new and creative ways to go over the top to bring some attention to their videos and this one seems to be working, like really well. As per Nissan 240SX owner and youtuber CalvinCabiling, his simple wrap job turned into something that is equal parts awesome and cringe. The wrap shop returned his Nissan 240SX with a real deal penis wrapped on either side of the Nissan.

Oh, it’s bad. Check out the awfulness (or awesomeness) in their social media posts below.


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Just a good meme @premiumautostyling

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If you want the story behind this most unique wrap, I’ll save you the details with a TL;DR. Basically, this wrap was a revenge prank on TJ Hunt and his crew in retaliation for TJ and Calvin stealing wheels from Youtuber Throtl. I have a feeling Throtl would know the greater internet would be confused so they’ve put out a trailer where they’re going to chronicle the entire prank. Here’s TJ’s video and Throtl’s trailer below.

Supposedly this particular prank was a year’s worth of planning in the process and it looks like all their planning paid off. Revenge served.

Growing up with the internet, I’m desensitized to to how vulgar this really is. But, this is obviously vulgar, plain and simple. There’s no other way around it. It’s a giant penis on a car. I think everyone in the video felt just a tinge of “Should this really be a thing?” when they were making it and when they saw it in real life.

To my knowledge, there’s nothing illegal about putting a giant Johnson on your car but should you? Surely, there are classier ways to prank someone. Then again, it’s Youtube and going over the top is par for the course.

Since this is my site I can quote the Office and I think Micheal Scott said it best when he said, “A penis, when seen in the right context, is the most wonderful sight for a woman (et al.) But in the wrong context, it is like a monster movie”

Source: @CalvinCabiling


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