AmazonBasics, a private label brand exclusive to Amazon, has some surprisingly good items for your car.

Earlier today (Dec. 17,2018) I found out that not only does Amazon have its own private label, because of course they would (think along the lines of Costco Kirkland Signature or Whole Foods 365) they also have automotive products too. Here are the Top 5 AmazonBasics items I came across for your car.

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#1- Oil

It’s true, Amazon has a full line of motor oils that include Conventional, High-mileage and Full Synthetic, that means Amazon basically has an oil that’ll probably fit your car.

For example, if you have a 2000 Honda Civic with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, you’d probably buy AmazonBasics High-Mileage 10W-30, an oil that’s thicker when sitting cold, not allowing oil to seep past leaks, and with an additional additive package to help seal up those potential oil leaks.

#2- Car Covers

Are you going on vacation for a few weeks or just plan to keep your car under wraps in the garage since it’s just a weekend toy? AmazonBasics probably has a car cover for you. Priced at around $45, they’re inexpensive and are rated well by people who’ve purchased them.

The material it’s made of is supposedly safe on paint jobs of all kinds, important for your more expensive toys.

A one-year warranty means that if it breaks, tears, or falls apart after a full four seasons of use, you can probably return it for a full refund.

 #3 Floor Mats

There’s no other item you’ll want to buy for your brand new car right away than floor mats. But, if you’re like me and don’t want to spend a whole lot to protect your new carpet, fear not, because AmazonBasics has its own brand of regular and heavy-duty style floor mats.

They are sized to fit which means they have pre-cut wedges that you can rip off for that custom fit for your particular car.

Just looking at their heavy-duty mats, you can probably pour a Big Gulp-sized drink into one and still have floor mat room to spare.

#4- Wash Mitt

If you’re like me and wash your car religiously, at least twice a week, then a good wash mitt is a must. And, if you’re also like me and are not anal retentive on what kind of wash mitt you’re using, well aware that this is an OK one and not one of those box-store yellow bones, you’ll be happy with this Amazon Basics Wash Mitt.

And, like all good wash mitts, you can throw it into the wash with your other clothes, after a good rinse, of course.

#5- SunShade

As the name suggests, this one blocks the sun. This sunshade isn’t one of those flimsy accordion ones you’ll find at Vato-zone, it’s one of those compact expandable ones that fills in the entire windscreen.

If you live in a sunny clime, these sunshades are essential for everyday parking. If you’re going to have to park in a hot parking lot with no shade, at least you can come back to a steering wheel, seat belt loop, and shift knob you can touch without burning yourself.

AmazonBasics has a handful of other automotive accessories you might like but those are the top ones I’d suggest you buy.

Source: AmazonBasics


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