I29 Dragway shared photos showing just how bad these Midwestern floods are wreaking havoc on their local dragstrip.

While some parts of the United States are feeling the first hints of Summer around the corner a good chunk of the Midwest is experiencing flooding of biblical proportions. According to I29 Dragway in a Facebook post they shared earlier this week (May 28, 2019) the drag strip they just about finished cleaning up from previous flooding and is under water for at least a second time this year.

Check out the somewhat shocking photos below.

I tip my hat to whoever is running their Facebook page to have such a short yet optimistic caption.

If you scroll through the photos you can see that water rose well above knee level, the barricaded Christmas tree starting lights forming a makeshift island of sorts in the middle of a once dry track.

Like I mentioned, I29 Dragway just finished cleaning up. Here’s what the track looked like a few weeks ago and after some extensive cleaning.

If you’re like me and sort of out of the loop or not paying attention to the news, a cocktail of unfortunate circumstances that no one could control meant more water than usual crept into the flatlands known as the Midwest.

As temperatures rose, almost out of nowhere, what was once snow made its way into nearby rivers as…water.

Add to that rain and suddenly, levees that could handle a bit of rain broke as they breached the limits of their engineering.

As an aside, OG fans of our blog will know Raceway Park of the Midlands as the track where Jon Theobald and his Porsche battled it out with his brother and his Mustang in an internet video of the ages.

Porsche Vs. Mustang Nemesis 10 years later: We catch up with the man behind the wheel of that 911

If you frequent I29 Dragway or are just plain philanthropic, keep an eye on their Facebook page as they’ll need help, both monetary and muscle, in the coming weeks as water resides so they can get back to racing.

Any Midwesterners reading this? How is it where all y’all are at? Let me know in the comments below.


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