This Clean Culture x ImportExpo meet organizer unsurprisingly got an ear full of 2-step brapbrapbrap when she told this Audi owner to knock it off with the loud noises.

What do kids usually do when you tell them not to do that thing? They do that thing. That’s exactly what happened during the most recent Clean Culture x Import Expo meet that went down at MetLife Stadium earlier last weekend (May 26, 2019) when a particularly loud Audi with 2-step engaged was having at it in a parking lot and the actual meet organizer told him to “knock it off.”

As you can imagine, with no police around and despite what the meet organizer said, this Audi owner sent his A4 revving to the heavens and let the entire Tri-State area hear how loud his exhaust is.

At least two videos of the showdown are going viral. Here they are below.

Like most car shows, the promise of limbo competitions, rev battles, 2-step competitions and best ride awards bring out the cleanest and loudest rides.

Apparently, the show flyer for this Clean Culture X ImportExpo show, as the Instagram video explains in the description, mentions a 2-step battle. But it looks like a last-minute decision by stadium management and maybe even the city cut out any sort of rev competition.

When the meet organizer first asked him to stop, as per his comments in his Facebook video,

“I do not know why she was screaming at me that’s the only thing that bothered me the way she was screaming at me was why I kept doing it.”

As with most of the drama that goes on in car meets, this can all be chalked up to miscommunication and ultimately mismanagement.

It would probably behoove that meet organizer, the next time around, to not advertise a competition if they aren’t 100 percent sure it can go down. And, when conflicts at the show do arise, a non-confrontational approach would probably work wonders.

Car meets are notorious for that mob mentality effect. While you do everything in your power to control a situation, sometimes you just have to sit back and, if there’s no immediate danger to anyone, let it happen.

In this case, she probably should’ve enjoyed the impromptu rev battle unfolding before her.

That’s just my .02

What do all y’all think? Let me know in the comments below!


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