If you want the 573 HP fire-breathing NSX, you previously had to shell out six figures. Now, used ones are under $100K and this is the cheapest one yet.

According to at least one member of NSX Prime and a quick search on AutoTrader, it looks like this is literally the cheapest running second gen Acura NSX on the market right now. As per a listing on The Vehicle Finder that popped up earlier yesterday (May 30, 2019) a re-titled 2017 Acura NSX can be yours for the low, low, price of $87,500. Check out their listing below.

$87,500 isn’t exactly chump change but for a car that once cost $159,300 before cash on the hood, you’re looking at close to a 60 percent discount.

The long story short of this NSX is that the previous owner crashed the front end in what the listing is calling a “light front passenger accident.” It was so light, apparently, that even the airbags didn’t deploy. All OEM parts were used in repairs since, as the description mentions, there aren’t exactly any aftermarket parts for the NSX.

As you already know, the NSX has its engine mounted in the rear so the most important bit, the naturally aspirated non-VTEC V6 with 500 HP, isn’t damaged. One of many concerns I might have is whether one of the three electric motors that doles out torque vectoring to the front passenger wheel was damaged.

Other than that and looking at the photos, this NSX looks just as straight and fresh as any new NSX you’ll find on the market today. If I was in the market for this particular re-titled NSX you can bet your bottom dollar I’d hire a supercar specialist to do their own inspection of the work to make sure everything’s copacetic.

But, if it is all buttoned up, this is one steal of a deal, for sure. According to my search on Autotrader, there are about 90 used second gen NSX’s on the market right now and the cheapest one on there is around $138,000.

Sure, you can get an undamaged GT-R or a brand new Z06 Corvette for this type of money but for some Honda heads with a bit of cash, it’s Acura NSX or nothing.

And this one’s the cheapest on the block. Re-titled? Repaired? A Honda head might look past that for an opportunity to own one of the most uncommon supercars on the road today.


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