A suspected mechanical malfunction sent this drag prepped Honda Civic Hatchback flying across his lane and onto the barrier in the opposite lane before landing on his wheels.

Sacramento Raceway and import drag racing fans were in for a wild matchup earlier this weekend. According to local Sacramento drag racing journalist @PipNorCali on Instagram earlier this Sunday (Apr. 29,2019) a matchup between an Eclipse and Civic ended up with the Civic hatch, as mentioned, flying across the track, almost mounting the barrier, and spinning a full 180 degrees before landing on all four wheels with the driver dazed and confused. Check out the amazing bit of footage on the videographer’s personal Youtube below.

Supposedly an axle shaft, with all that torque, snapped on the driver in the middle of his run. With all grip only going to one wheel and with no ability to steer out of the way, it’s a recipe for disaster for any drag racer.

Thankfully, the driver was able to walk away from the crash without any injuries and probably only a bruised ego. As for the Civic, I’m sure they’ll get it up and running in time for its next pass sooner rather than later.

Accidents like this happen to drag racers all over the country, every weekend so it’s not something new. When you’re dealing with power levels well beyond stock and testing the limits of your combination of aftermarket parts, you’re going to end up with a couple of mishaps like this one, that’s just drag racing.

Of course, I wouldn’t know anything about that life, I’m just writing some words about it for the internet so hats off to you weekend racers.

Have you seen a track accident where the driver walked away like this one recently? Let me know about your trackside experience in the comments below.

Source: PipNorCali via Youtube 


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