Sure the McLaren 720S can run 9.7 seconds in the quarter-mile all day long but what happens if you throw on drag radials and a small ECU upgrade?

It looks like EKanoo Racing, the home of world record quarter-mile runs, has a new toy in its arsenal that we’ll be seeing some face ripping records set soon enough. Before they start gutting and messing with arguable perfection, the boys in Bahrain strapped on a set of slicks on this technological beast from Woking and set it loose on the 1320. As per their Youtube post earlier this weekend (Oct. 21,2018) they were able to rip a 9.534-second quarter-mile at over 146 MPH consistently. That’s more than a .1 second improvement over what all the professional car outlets were able to muster out of the twin-turbocharged V8.

Stock and without the slightest bit of prep, most car outlets are able to rip a 10.1-second quarter-mile and several have dipped into the 9’s with an experienced drag racer behind the wheel. As per their Youtube video description, all that’s been done to this 720S is that aforementioned ECU tune and what many are guessing are a set of Yokohama R888 tires which is making that awesome WWII Stuka Dive bomb sound as it makes its way down the track. Stock 720S’s come with Pirelli P-Zero’s.

What remains untouched is that technological powerhouse of an engine that makes 710 HP and 568 lb-ft of torque, a massive amount of power delivered at an incredible rate. Sub-3 second blasts to 60 MPH and a top speed of 212 MPH round out an impressive specs sheet.

Unlike most of the cars EKanoo builds for its quarter-mile blasts, this one has a carbon fiber monocoque which may make stuffing in their engines of choice that much more difficult.

Nevertheless, I fully expect EKanoo to start tweaking this McLaren for dragstrip dominance, soon. It looks like this chassis represents a quantum leap in their tuning abilities and Ekanoo loves a good challenge.

At this rate, a McLaren 720S in the 8’s isn’t a matter of if but when. I reckon the same statement applies for 7’s and 6’s isn’t out of the realm of possibility.


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