Close to 170 MPH is what happens when you equip VW’s hottest hatch with wind-cheating aero, remove its speed limiter and set it loose on a straight piece of road.

The current Volkswagen Golf is one of the most versatile cars on the road today with a plethora of engines to choose from. The hottest Golf, the Golf R with a turbocharged EA888 under the hood, is much more capable than its 155 MPH top speed hints at. And, with a flash tune or a factory performance pack installed, anyone that knows a straight enough piece of road can almost hit 170 MPH without breaking a sweat. And that’s exactly what AutoTopNL did when they were handed the keys to Golf’s most powerful hatch. Check out their amazing top speed run video below.

The Golf R without the performance pack is already an impressive piece of kit. Stock, the EA888 makes a whopping 310 HP and 295 lb-ft, on par with the likes of the Focus RS and Honda Civic Type R. But, since it’s shaped more for putting around town than an all-out onslaught on the Autobahn, it’s aerodynamically limited up to around 160 MPH without an extra bit of help.

That’s where the performance pack comes in. VW adds a lighter and louder sounding Akrapovic exhaust system, special body panels in the front, side, and rear that channel air cleaner than a stock R, and more importantly, gets upgraded brakes, VW also rips off the speed limiter to unleash its full potential.

I reckon we can see all those aero bits doing its part to keep this Golf R accelerating like a freight train beyond 140 MPH where the air starts to get exceptionally thick for something with such a small engine already screaming past 6,000 RPM out of its powerband. When all is said and done, this particular Golf R hits 167.149 MPH.

To put that in comparison, the Focus RS can hit 165 MPH and the Civic Type R is advertised to hit 169 MPH but has been documented hitting 176 MPH, on an aside, much stronger than the Golf R can pull.

Oh, and you don’t need any special factory add-on in the Type R to hit that speed. Then again, it’s already wildly styled off the factory floor.


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