If the idea of traveling more than 310 miles on a single gallon of diesel intrigues you and you have six figures burning a hole in your wallet, this is the car for you.

Usually, when someone plans to spend this much money on a car, they’re buying something capable of hitting a theoretical 310 MPH and not 310 MPG but this is no ordinary car. According to Silverstone Auctions on their most recent listing they posted up earlier this week (Oct. 22,2018) they’ve got one of 250 VW XL1’s made between 2013-2015 for sale in absolute mint condition. With a turbo-diesel that sips diesel like a mosquito rationing blood and slippery aerodynamics that rival the manta ray, this Volkswagen Hybrid is quite arguably the most expensive hybrid you can buy right now.

This particular XL1 is barely broken in and has never been actually sold, still registered to Volkswagen UK. With only 79 delivery miles on the odometer and a complete servicing by VW, for all intents and purposes, you’re staring at a brand new car.

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There are several reasons why this car is so expensive, rare, and something special. First, its overall an engineering tour-de-force that stands the test of time even seven years after it debuted at the 2011 Qatar Motor Show.

The engine and motor aren’t anything to write home about and frankly is pretty anemic but then again, this car isn’t about speed. The 800 cc turbo diesel engine is barely larger than a kei-car engine and makes a paltry 47 HP and the electric motor isn’t all that better with just 27 HP but combined they both make a decent 74 HP and 103 lb-ft which, in a car that’s been pared down to the absolute minimum weight of around 1,700 pounds before you slide your way into the driver’s seat, is next to nothing.

Carbon fiber is used extensively on every body panel and the shape of the XL1 is such that the Cd is just .19 literally more slippery than any car listed on the Wikipedia article for automobile aerodynamics. 

It should be noted that the quite oft quoted 310 miles range is with charging of its 5.5 kWh battery every 47 miles as per the test cycle rules. On diesel alone, it’s a more realistic 140 miles of range.

With the price of gas rising by the day, it’s not like you’re going to be saving much money if you drop this much on a hybrid, but, if electric cars aren’t up to snuff, this little turbo-diesel might be the only economical way to putt around on dino juice.

The XL1 is a concept that frankly should’ve never seen production but they made a couple hundred anyway. As such, that’s why it’s so expensive.

Hopefully, its new owner will drive it a bit and keep it nice and tidy, for posterity’s sake.

At the upper bid range, this XL1 is expected to get $150,000.


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