It looks like bidding started out strong for Matt Farah’s Fox Body Mustang within the first few hours and stayed there for the next seven days.

If you were following along on the epic first few bids on Matt Farah’s Fox Body Mustang build that hit “Bring A Trailer” a little over a week ago, it looks like you already caught most of the action as per the winning bid earlier today (Oct. 22, 2018) Matt Farah’s Mustang sold for a whopping $65,000. As Matt explained in the auction description, approved by BAT, half of the auction is going to a charity of the winner’s choice.

The winning bidder, ArnaudShangahi, was also watching along as he was the sixth and final bidder who put up that monstrous $65,000 bid within the first few hours when the auction went first live. Putting out what I can only assume was his, “cards on the table” Arnaud stunned auction watchers and set the bar extremely high for what amounts to a Fox Body with a 302 and a well-sorted out suspension.

Last week I wrote about how, with the bidding so hot within the first few hours, bidding would crest $100,000 and beyond but it looks like that wasn’t the case. As I mentioned in that aforementioned article, the mark to beat for a Fox Body was a 1990 Ford Mustang with a three-speed automatic, low miles, and a coveted 7-up package that sold for $82,500.

As far as Bring A Trailer is concerned, Matt’s Fox Body is now the most expensive model to pass through their website. If you subtract the half that’s going to charity, Matt’s Fox-body lands just where it should, within the $32,500 range where most sorted out Fox Bodies end up.

The Charity of choice that Arnauld chose is Hope For Paws, an L.A. based pet shelter that rescues and houses many pets around the Southern California area. They’re probably best known for their YouTube videos shedding light on their work. In addition, Bring A Trailer donated their five percent cut as well bringing the total up to $35,750 for Charity.

And I could be wrong, but a bit of googling around reveals the winner looks to be an L.A. resident so Matt’s Mustang won’t be going too far!

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