Not only are we getting a new Toyota Chaser, it looks like its legendary brother, the Toyota Mark II is also making it to the next update.

The creators of FR Legends are working hard on getting new features like cars, I assume extra tracks, and special stages like mountain attack touge stages ready when updates for the game roll out and it looks like, in addition to the Toyota Chaser I blogged about earlier this week, we’re getting a Toyota Mark II. As per Daniel Chen, presumably a designer working with the creators, and his Facebook post earlier this week (Oct. 24,2018) it looks like the Toyota Mark II is making the cut as well.

Here are some screenshots he shared earlier on Facebook, hard at work even while traveling (#WeAreNotWorthy.)


New Toyota Fuel Cell Car - Watch th...
New Toyota Fuel Cell Car - Watch this article video

In the photos of his laptop screen we can already see that aforementioned JZX100 so, naturally, it looks like the creators greenlighted its much more comfort-oriented but as equally as chuckable chassis sharing Mark II.

With my limited knowledge of Toyota chassis, and, please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments, the Mark II, Chaser, and Cresta in its various modern day variants, all share the same chassis with the bodywork and interior being the only differences between the three.

The Mark II Corona, first introduced in the early 70’s, is the OG originator, precedes the three and is where all three split. Like some kindof Spice Girls/Boy Band, the Cresta is the luxurious one, the Mark II is the model that toes the line between sports and comfort, and the Chaser is the sporty one.

With the Chaser and the Mark II sporting the most performance-oriented credentials, these chassis are popular drift platforms even today. With the l1JZ-GTE and a five speed manual stock on some trim levels, there are very little drifters needed to do to make them competitive, thus their appeal to amateur drifters.

If you’ve read my last blog post, I’m still waiting on their Android release so I’m keen to try out these chassis for myself, soon!

Android should come out sometime last week so I won’t have to wait too long.


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