It looks to be an honest mistake.

Florida resident and Redditor /u/Miamijit posted up dashcam footage from his Girlfriend’s driving showing the harmless and hilarious moment she entered the parking lot to a Walgreens by hopping a sidewalk in front of the store.

It’s worth noting this happened earlier in Sept. 2022.

Here’s the video below.

The day my gf made her own entrance into a Walgreens. [OC]
byu/Miamijit inIdiotsInCars

The funny little incident happened in the 8900 Block of International Dr. in Orlando, FL (Exact location linked here.)

As you can see in the video, OP’s GF is driving along International Dr. headed for Walgreens.

On the side of International Dr. and in front of the store is, what’s in my opinion, an unusually large drainage ditch that also looks like it doubles as a bus stop.

It doesn’t help that the curb is the same color as the ditch.

If it’s not as clear in the video, here’s what it looks like on Google Maps. At a glance and in the right lighting (or lack thereof), it looks like there’s no separation between the street and curb.

The street view of this Walgreens in Orlando, FL off International Dr posted here to highlight how large the drainage ditch is in front of the store and how deceiving it looks.

She turns towards Walgreens, hops the curb, and drives onto the sidewalk in front of Walgreens.

As soon as her tires hop the sidewalk, she realizes her mistake and gasps in surprise.

“MELANIE!,” her friend exclaims before proceeding to laugh and snicker.

A sidewalk busker in front of the store, guitar in hand, sees it all go down, probably the highlight of her night.

A busker in front of Walgreens in Orlando, FL watches as a driver hops a curb in front of her, entering this shopping center the wrong way.

“I wanted to add that I don’t think my GF is an idiot! Honest mistake. We thought this was hilarious and I wasn’t sure where else to post it,” OP clarifies.

” I don’t blame her, at first I was like “what did she do wrong?,” /u/XJAMAICAGOLDX adds.

“That same thing has probably happened hundreds of times lol they should put some shrubs there or something haha,” /u/uxrep replies.

“She signaled. She’s better than 98% of drivers on that alone. It works,” /u/Balancing_tofu pointed out.

Mistakes happen, that’s a part of driving.

Thankfully, no harm was caused here, and she had the presence of mind not to just gun it.

I’m sure she entered that Walgreens from the right side from then on.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to paint the curb there if the property manager of that Walgreens happens to be reading.


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