Plans filed with the City of Hawthorne show detailed blueprints how The Boring Co’s tunnel will accept vehicles from city streets.

The Boring Co., Elon Musk’s tunnel company that already has a mile-long tunnel underneath the city of Hawthorne, Calif, submitted a set of blueprints to the City Council showing just how they’re going to get cars off city streets into their tunnel. As per the LA Times in a report they put out earlier this week (Oct. 23,2018) these blueprints show a steel shaft that runs directly underneath a house, goes forty feet below the earth’s surface, and allows for a car to be driven from the backyard of that house they brought into the tunnel which runs parallel to the freeway.

This all comes off the heels of tweets from Musk himself announcing the completion of the first tunnel and an opening date.

Contrary to what some people might think, the house they are using to practice raising and lowering a vehicle won’t actually be where cars enter. Instead, this house, that sold for close to half a million when purchased a months ago, will serve as a test-bed for raising and lowering cars. Cars must enter at the start of their construction site next to SpaceX where digging began.

Residents are assured that none of their houses, which per their Trulia listing, were built in the 1940’s and have been in part of the local neighborhood for decades, won’t be damaged. According to a Boring Co’s spokesperson, anyone on surface streets near this raising and lowering test bed won’t be able to hear the goings-on of the tunnel working underneath. In fact, if SpaceX wanted, they could rent out the house and the renters would be none-the-wiser.

With the tunnel slated for public rides as early as the second week of December, it’ll be opening just in time for the Christmas season. I imagine literally thousands of residents, travelers and tourists will jump on a chance to ride this tunnel for the experience and their social media timelines.

It’s an exciting time for subterranean travel.

Source: LA Times


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