With the introduction of the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Motors will have a full lineup, from car to crossover.

It’s hard to believe that just about three years ago Tesla was only selling the Tesla Model S, that’s until the Tesla Model X based on the same Model S chassis came along in September, 2015. Now, as per Car Scoops on their report on what Tesla has up their sleeves for next year (Oct. 30,2018) it looks like Musk himself, with the approval of the board, greenlighted the Tesla Model Y, which would give Tesla somewhat a full house of electric vehicles.

As per Inside EV’s who added further detail to this milestone for Tesla, during the latest Q3 2018 Financial Call, word came down that production for the Tesla Model Y was approved.

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That doesn’t mean that Tesla can start churning out Tesla Model Y’s, far from it. Instead, that means Tesla can start the process to full production which means some sort of unveiling event, an official press release, getting reservations for pre-orders, and then finally getting that first initial batch of Model Y’s out the door.

This all comes off the heels of Tesla finalizing a deal and breaking ground on a Gigafactory in China which, along with Tesla Model 3 production, will start marrying Tesla Model 3 chassis to Model Y bodies.

After all, it’s no rumor that the Tesla Model Y will share much of the same running gear as the Tesla Model 3.

As far as looks are concerned, thankfully, Tesla already hit us up with a teaser image of sorts which bodes well for actual production happening sometime soon. Just like the rest of its lineup, it’s all about the driver’s experience so we’ve got that iconic steeply raked Tesla windshield.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y Teaser

If the proportions in the photo are correct, essentially, the rest of the car will look a lot like a Tesla Model 3, except with more ground clearance.

Pricing has not been announced for the Tesla Model Y but expect it to land somewhere between the $35,000 base Model 3 and $70,000 Tesla Model X, more towards the Model 3, really.

Tesla’s Model 3 is having a rough year to say the least but the sales and delivery numbers are sort of meshing together, finally. Last month, Tesla moved 22,250 Model 3’s as per GoodCarBadCar so, there is a sizeable demand.

I expect the demand for this Model 3 with more utility (i.e. Tesla Model Y) will follow the demand curve for crossovers and eclipse the Model 3 but a long shot.

Look for an announcement by early March 2019 with production in 2020.


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