Despite OEM Honda Wheel locks, these Honda Civic Type R wheels were stolen.

The new Honda Civic Type R is one of the most hyped Honda Civic’s in history, and for good reason, it’s engine and chassis are enough to conquer the Nurburgring in record fashion and its got the looks to go with all that performance. So, it’s no surprise as per Reddit user Katiedactly on her post earlier today (Oct. 30,2018) that her beloved Honda Civic Type R wheels were nicked right from under her nose. But what is surprising is that she optioned out for the $90 optional wheel locks when she ordered her Honda Civic Type R. Which begs the question, if wheel locks won’t work, what will?

Is there a reason someone would keep the locking lug nuts when stealing wheels? from r/cars

The circumstances of her wheels getting stolen are also suspicious. It looks like the wheel thieves left the 16 regular lug nuts but took the four wheel locks for some odd reason, which is quite suspicious. Take a look at a photo of her Civic Type R sans wheels below. Honda fans might want to look away.

CTR no wheels
Civic Type R sans wheels

Fortunately, the wheel thieves were kind enough to prop up her Honda Civic Type R on some rocks rather than leaving her beloved hot hatch on the ground sans wheels.

I’m a 23 year old girl from Montana learning about the joys of city life. Insurance is taking care of everything, just had to pay the deductible. The deductible was far less than the damage done to the car during the theft so this was the easiest solution.

Probably the most frustrating part of this entire ordeal is that she actually¬†spotted similar wheels to her own being sold online shortly after her wheels got stolen. But, with no way to prove those are actually her wheels, there’s really nothing anyone can do about it.

Going back to the original question I posed of what to do, contrary to popular belief OEM Honda Wheel locks won’t protect your wheels from a persistent thief. As a matter of fact, this new challenge posed to the wheel thief might even embolden and challenge that miscreant to try even harder.

It’s overkill but besides swapping in a set of cheaper wheels, oftentimes wheel enthusiasts will throw on more than one set of wheel locks to further increase the chances wheel thieves will fail. Also, there are special wheel locks with trick barrels out there that are harder to work off, Gorilla-Auto comes to mind.

Take a lesson from this Redditor, if you can insure your car, and throw on at least two sets of quality wheel locks on your prized posession and you can afford that, go for it.


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