This is how you get across how awesome the 2019 Suzuki Swift is without saying a single word. Epic hoon video.

I’ve seen a couple advertisements for the Suzuki Swift, even seen a couple videos of this tiny hot hatch doing its thing thanks to the Internet but I never got a taste of just how fun the 2019 Suzuki Swift can be, until now. As per Oliver Amon in a video that popped up on Reddit /r/cars earlier this yesterday (Nov. 2, 2018) his latest video edit showcases him driving this 2019 Suzuki Swift to the absolute limit with no regard for life, limb, or insurance claims. What results is a video that makes us car enthusiasts in the United States yearn for the Suzuki Swift even more!

Check out the video below.

When I said he doesn’t care for life and limb, Amon really doesn’t. Within less than a minute into the video he’s already tagged the side of a wall, putting thousands of dollars of damage on what was once a pristine car.

Titled, “The new swift can handle it!” Amon really isn’t lying. Although the music drowns out the sound of the engine, he’s absolutely thrashing the engine, bouncing that 1.4L turbo engine to its limiter.

The tail of the tape when it comes to power gives us a hint on just how capable this little Swift is. The K14C Booster engine makes a whopping 140 HP and 170 lb-ft. It’s that 170 lb-ft of torque that sends this Swift jumping out of corners.

According to Suzuki, the Swift only weighs a hair under a ton at 1918 pounds before some fat bloke sits in it. That’s featherweight when it comes to power to weight.

Surprisingly the swift comes with Macpherson struts up front but a torsion beam with coil spring in the rear. I reckon that setup makes the Swift that much more tossable. The 185 width tires certainly make sliding around a thing.

Priced at around 16,000 UK pounds, when you convert that to bald eagle dollars, the Swift would cost $20,500 if they sold it here, a decent price for something fun.

But, with Suzuki gone more than five years later, we can only admire the Swift from a distance.


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