Faraday Future had to fire, put on furlough, or severely cut the wages of its employees. In order to support themselves, a GoFundMe it up.

$50,000 in two weeks. That’s the goal two Faraday Future employees set for themselves in order to support recently fired employees that were let go but have to support their families one way or another for at least the next two months. According to the Official GoFundMe page that went up earlier last week but is only now getting some much-needed attention as of late (Nov. 7,2018) so far they’ve raised a tad over $18,000 as of this writing which is puts them a little behind schedule from their goal, but much-needed money nonetheless.

Check out their GoFundMe page here.

With current unfortunate financial crisis with the company; this is to help all of those Manufacturing Team members that are in need of financial support because of lay off or mandatory furlough.

The Verge reports that a company-wide e-mail confirmed the news. If you were hired after May 1, you go on mandatory furlough. Before May 1 you get your salary cut to $50,000 a year and if you’ve been with the company more than six months, there’s enough money in the coffers to pay you at minimum wage. In California, the minimum wage is $11 an hour. It looks like some of those employees who do decide to stay with the company are better off if they applied for a nearby job in farming, at least jobs are seasonal and firings at this level aren’t a thing.

This news comes off the coattails that two senior members of Faraday Future, Nick Sampson, one of the cofounders and Peter Savagian an FF senior VP of technology and product development, left the company.

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Earlier last month I blogged about Faraday Future in hot water for not meeting certain production goals as stipulated by Evergrande Health, the Chinese Investment group bankrolling this EV startup to the tune of $2 billion. Faraday Future already spent $800 Million with Evergrande Health reluctant to advance even more money despite an agreement of sorts already in place.

Things are not looking good and if a new cash injection isn’t found soon, it might be sayonara to Faraday Future as we know it.

I don’t blame anyone with apprehensions to invest in this electric car company, their unproven track record is a big liability.

Source: GoFundMe


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