The amazing thing is that this is the second time this kid’s been in a high-speed chase with the local police in less than 13 months.

This is sad on so many levels, is a product of miscommunication, and shows just how inept some parents are in raising kids who clearly have mental health issues. Footage attained by of a police chase they uploaded to their Youtube earlier this week (Nov 5, 2018) shows an 11-year-old kid absolutely making a fool and a mockery of both his parents and the local police. As mentioned, and the icing on the cake is that this isn’t even the first time this kid’s stolen someone’s car.

Check out the sad piece of footage below.

It’s hard to make out in the video and you wouldn’t know who’s driving that Dodge Durango unless you knew the back story but there’s literally a kid barely old enough to see above the steering wheel behind that Dodge Durango. The reason for stealing his mom’s car? His Mom took away his PlayStation. Anyone who knows anything about these SUV’s is that those suckers are extremely fast even with their stock V6’s under the hood.

As the police report shows, the boy stops at a local fire station in an attempt to hide from his father who went after the boy after getting a frantic call from his mother when she put two and two together. The story suggests that the parents are separated and don’t live under the same roof.

Upon seeing the reds and blues of the police cruiser behind him, the boy takes off at near triple-digit speeds to lose the police, and, as the footage shows, the boy’s got some skill, no doubt after playing game likes Grand Theft Auto etc. where losing police isn’t only part of the game, it’s normal and possible. Except this is real life and people driving away from police rarely get away, which is what happens.

The boy eventually loses control, rolls over, and exit the SUV seemingly unharmed.

You’d think the Mom would put some safeguards in place to hide her keys since, you know, her kid has a history of stealing her car, but she didn’t. You’d think the news would report some kind of counseling mandated by the state after going to juvenile hall, but they don’t.

It’s overall a failure of “the system” and highlights the need to get trained professionals who know how to deal with these types of kids hired and in the right places.

I’m hoping and praying that this is one of the last time this kid has a run in with the law.



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