The successor to the 9th generation Toyota Corolla is about to début, one of the most important cars in modern history gets more power, sleek styling, and all the reliability we expect from the Corolla nameplate and more.

I faintly remembering doing the maths and someone buys a Toyota Corolla every 2 minutes or something along those lines. Toyota sells a BUNCH of these vanilla sedans and there’s about to be a new one. As per Toyota in an official teaser video before the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China earlier today (Nov. 9, 2018) they teased the Corolla Hatchback and Corolla Touring Sports station wagon, two cars that already exist, but they also teased a four-door saloon.

Check out the teaser video for yourself below.

We pretty much have a good idea of what the front end’s going to look like thanks to the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback already on sale. Compared to the eleventh generation Corolla, this new 12th generation sedan will carry over the sharp yet conservative front-end styling from the hatchback.

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Everyone expects the same 2.0L engine from the Corolla Hatchback to carry over and I agree as it’s a modest jump in power, as expected, with all sorts of advancements meant to increase durability and fuel efficiency. When Toyota debuted this new engine earlier this year, they were quick to point out that this Dynamic Force engine is one of the most thermal efficient engines in history with a whopping 40 percent efficiency.

This new 2.0L Dynamic force makes 168 HP and 151 lb-ft compared to the old engine which makes 138 HP and 127 lb-ft. Expect for Toyota to debut a mild-hybrid Corolla of some sort as is the norm for small compact cars as of late.

The most important change for the new Corolla will be its new TNGA platform which is a much-needed upgrade over the old platform, this Corolla will be a lot more fun to toss around.

Expect for Toyota’s suite of advanced safety driving features to come standard.

Toyota’s not going to take a lot of styling, performance, or design changes to the interior or exterior of the Corolla beyond a fresh face and engine. This Corolla needs to keep its reputation for reliabiolity, a sold buy, which it rests its laurels on.

This’ll be another home run.

Source: Toyota.


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