If you could park 40 cars on one street, would you? Well, this hero or most hated neighbor did. Read on.

Turo. If you aspired to own your own rental car agency, well, Turo just took out all the overhead for you and made your dreams come true because anyone and everyone with a car (that’s roadworthy) can rent their car out on the app-based rental. This Chicago, Illinois resident is taking Turo to the next level and according to NBC Chicago is wreaking havoc on one particular street by parking all 38 of his cars on one block.

Technically, there’s no law saying that someone can’t own 38 cars in the City of Chicago as long as you have all your paperwork squared away. What’s particularly frustrating about this story is that some people have to wait up to an hour for a parking spot to open up in the morning because spaces have become a precious commodity. In the news story from NBC Chicago I embedded above, many people who wait for spaces daily didn’t even know why parking is at a premium.

Here’s a view of the street on Google Maps. As you can see this one-way street has plenty of parking for people who live nearby with cars on either side. But, when you have one neighbor who has close to 40 cars, it’s just not sustainable for the rest of the other neighbors nor is it particularly fair.

A local official in Chicago is working on legislation to make it illegal to own so many cars and is on the cusp of getting an override on a previously veto’d piece of state legislation that did just that.

Uber and its users are out to make a profit and I bet the apps creators nor its users thought that someone would go to the extremes to own so many cars, but someone did.

Hopefully Uber puts some limitations on their app to not allow this type of wanton disregard for others by showing proof that they have adequate parking for the car they’re renting and that it’s not unduly burdening others.

Source: NBC Chicago


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