If there’s one thing Volkswagen knows how to do it’s to build cars for the people, it’s after all, in their name. Now, VW just greenlighted a Tesla Model 3 (and Tesla Model Y) killer.

Volkswagen has a bold electrification program that will see their brands unveil a total of 27 new EV vehicles by 2025. According to AutoCar.co.uk in their report earlier today (Nov. 14, 2018) they’ve got a real cracker in the works that’ll blow the proverbial sales doors off anything Tesla has on sale. Greenlighted for production, equipped with an all-electric powertrain and with an MSRP of just $23,000, it’s aim is to be the people’s electric car, or in this case, the people’s electric crossover.

Earlier this year VW unveiled plans as well as a rolling chassis dubbed the ID chassis that will underpin its electric vehicle family. Unlike some electric cars on the road today who get their humble beginning based on their gas counterparts (e.g. Fiat 500 EV, Honda Clarity EV, Kia Soul EV, and the Honda Fit EV) this electric vehicle modular platform was built around the electric car.

This modular electric drive matrix or MEB for short, comfortable seats five in a chassis, as mentioned, designed for EV’s. That means the front end is not hampered by an internal combustion engine, electric motors are between the two rear wheels, and a battery forms most of the floor.

Range for this new class of EV’s will be between 205-340 miles and will come with quick charging capabilities or an 80 percent charge in half an hour.

Going on sale in 2022 with a debut in 2021, Auto Car says this low-priced crossover will be half the price of a Tesla Model 3. The big principles behind this car are a classless design, space, a compact size, and affordability, all four tenets that underpinned the VW Golf and Beetle.

This new people’s car will be the fifth car from VW’s new all-electric lineup.

2022 is a long ways from today but if there’s anything VW has up its sleeves over Tesla is its resources. Teslas are great but they are expensive and Elon Musk has yet to deliver on its $35,000 Model 3 nor will it have a car in their lineup in time to compete with this new entry-level crossover EV.

I’ll be keen to see how Tesla responds. Game on!

Source: Auto Car


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