The 2020 Kia Soul is a big deal for Kia and here is its first official look.

What’s square, green, and probably going to sell more than 100,000 units by the end of 2020? It’s the 2020 Kia Soul, of course. As per Kia in an official teaser they put out earlier today (Nov. 14, 2018) they’re prepping their 2020 Kia Soul to make its official debut but not before dropping a preview of what to expect, which isn’t much honestly.

Check out their little teaser photo below.

Not my words, but Kia’s in a bold claim that the Kia Soul is an undeniable automotive icon.

An undeniable automotive icon will make its world debut at the upcoming

Quite the bold claim because when I think of icons, my mind wanders to such hallmarks like the Ford Mustang, VW Beetle, Honda Cub, Lincoln Continental, and to some extent, even the Toyota Corolla. Icons stood the test of time, paint the American landscape and have indelible characteristics that set them apart. In more words or less, you know an automotive icon when you see one.

The Kia soul first debuted ten years ago, so, you can see the Soul’s been around for a while, but not really if you know what I mean, it’s still a very modern design that hasn’t really aged much.

But, from a pure numbers point of view, you can argue that the Soul is an icon. As per Good Car Bad Car, since 2009, there have been more than 1 Million Souls sold. That’s a lot of Souls.

For 2020, we can expect bumps in power throughout their engine lineup with a 2.0L engine now standard and an optional 1.6L Turbo. After all, the Soul does ride on the Kona platform so it would make sense to see the 2.0’s 147 HP and 1.6T’s 175 HP engine transfer over although I have a feeling the 1.6T will have a bit more power than that.

Of course, they’ll be a Soul Hybrid but what has me really excited is the Soul EV with 300 plus miles of range. 

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But, what do we know for sure? Green will be optional as per their tweet.

Source: Kia


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